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  • 2017-11-25 1. Execute the sales task assigned by the superior, follow up the completion of the sales task, and analyze the cause; 2. Collect relevant market information and feedback in time, effectively promote the specific product; 3. Responsible for channel customer development And daily maintenance; 4. Complete daily reconciliation and customer return work;
  • 2017-11-25 1. Responsible for system installation, commissioning and maintenance; 2. Provide internal technical support, training, and customer training; 3. Collect customer needs and handle customer coordination; 4. Write, revise and review technical support Documentation and work instructions; propose project implementation improvement plan; 5. Cooperate with project implementation and acceptance; 6. Have good teamwork spirit;
  • 2017-11-25 1. Design and development of hardware circuit diagram and PCB layout, component selection evaluation; 2. According to the hardware product development plan undertaken, organize the project team to complete the logic design and detailed schematic diagram that meet the functional and performance requirements. PCB diagrams, while testing hardware products to ensure that products meet functional performance requirements and quality standards.
  • 2017-11-24 1. Responsible for the company's product demand analysis, overall program design, and develop specific project research and development plans. 2. Review the engineer's design plan and design drawings to check the quality of the design; 3. Develop and participate in the preparation of documents at various stages of the project's progress; 4. Coordinate and assist other departments.
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