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2019 China Meteorological Modernization Construction Science and Technology Expo


于2019年4月10-4月12日在上海跨国采购会展中心参加了由中国气象学会主办的“2019中国气象现代化建设科技博览会”(简称CMHE2019),博览会包含“第十一届中国气象科技与水文技术装备展”、“第十三届中国防雷技术与产品展”。 Suzhou Siwei Hi-Tech Information Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the “2019 China Meteorological Modernization Construction Technology Expo” (CMHE2019) sponsored by the Chinese Meteorological Society from April 10 to April 12, 2019 at the Shanghai International Sourcing Convention and Exhibition Center. The 11th China Meteorological Science and Hydrology Technology and Equipment Exhibition, and the 13th China National Defense Technology and Products Exhibition.

With the theme of “communicating innovative technologies to support meteorological modernization”, the exhibition has an exhibition scale of 10,000 square meters. More than 100 exhibitors exhibited the latest products and technologies such as meteorological technology, hydrological equipment and lightning protection.
The R&D department and the sales department colleagues carried out full communication and communication with more than ten products such as micro-meteorological series, automatic weather station, solar total radiation sensor, visibility road condition sensor, ultrasonic wind sensor and other experts and technicians in the industry.

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