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SW600 micro weather station

The SW600 Micro Weather Station is a high-precision integrated weather sensor that simultaneously measures six weather parameters: wind speed, wind direction, ambient temperature, relative humidity of air, atmospheric pressure and rainfall. It is designed with aluminum alloy casing, which is compact and beautiful, easy to install and maintain. IP66 protection level, DC8~30V wide voltage supply, standard RS485 output mode.


- Integrate six meteorological parameters into one device, highly integrated for easy installation and use;

- After being tested by a third-party professional organization, precision, stability, and anti-interference are strictly guaranteed;

- Made of high quality aluminum, special surface treatment, light and corrosion resistant;

- can work in complex environments, maintenance-free;

- Optional heating function, suitable for cold and freezing areas;

- Compact, modular design for deep customization.

Technical Parameters





Operating temperature


Power consumption

12 VDC, max. 120 VA (heating) / 12 VDC, max 0.18 VA (working)

Operating Voltage

8~30 VDC

Electrical connections

6pin aerial plug

Housing material


Protection level


Anti-corrosion grade


Surge level Level four

Baud rate


Digital output signal RS485 half/full duplex
Wind speed Range: 0~50m/s (0~75m/s optional)
Accuracy: 0.2m/s (0-10m/s), ±2% (>10m/s)
Resolution: 0.1m/s
wind direction Range: 0 ~ 360 °
Accuracy: ±1°
Resolution: 1°
Ambient temperature Range: -40 to +85 ° C
Accuracy: ±0.2 °C
Resolution: 0.1 ° C
relative humidity Range: 0 to 100% (0 to 80 ° C)
Accuracy: ±2% RH
Resolution: 1%
Atmospheric pressure Range: 200 ~ 1200hPa
Accuracy: ±0.5hPa (-10~+50°C)
Resolution: 0.1hPa
Rainfall Range: 0~24mm/min
Accuracy: 0.5mm/min
Resolution: 0.01mm/min

Static discharge test

Reference GB/T 17626.2 -2006

Surge impact test

Reference GB/T 17626.5 -2008

Fast burst test

Reference GB/T 17626.4 -2008

Conducted interference test

Reference GB/T 17626.6 -2008

IP protection level test Reference GB 4208 -2008
Wind tunnel test Reference JJG 0001 -1992
High and low temperature storage test Reference GB/T 2423.2 -2008
Reference GB/T 2423.1 -2008
High and low temperature operation test Reference GB/T 2423.2 -2008
Reference GB/T 2423.1 -2008
Vibration test Reference GB5170.14 -85
Salt spray test Reference ISO 6270 -1:1998
Reference ISO 7253:2001
Refer to ISO 12944 -6:1998

Application scenario

- Electricity: on-line monitoring of micro-meteorology on transmission lines, substations, wind towers, etc.;

- meteorological, environmental protection, military;

- photovoltaic, agriculture;

- Transportation: such as micro-meteorological monitoring on railways and highways.

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