Transportation Industry

SD500 Highway Weather Station

The SD500 Highway Weather Station consists of six elements, a visibility sensor, a road condition sensor, a collector and a lightning rod. It can simultaneously observe ambient temperature, ambient humidity, wind speed, wind direction, air pressure, rainfall, rainfall intensity, visibility, snow/water accumulation/icing thickness and wet slip coefficient. It has the characteristics of convenient installation, stable performance, high detection accuracy and no need to be on duty. understand more

SW107 non-contact road condition sensor

The SW107 is a non-contact road condition sensor that uses remote sensing technology to avoid damage to the road. It can detect the water, snow, ice thickness and wet slip coefficient of the road surface. The sensor is housed in an all-weather, corrosion-resistant enclosure that ensures accurate data in all weather conditions. The SW107 road condition sensor provides the road management department with accurate road condition monitoring data, which is convenient for relevant departments and personnel to take corresponding measures in time. understand more
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