Environmental protection industry

Surface water quality online monitoring system

The surface water online monitoring system is a comprehensive online automatic monitoring system composed of modern sensors, automatic measurement, automatic control, computer and other high-tech and related special analysis software and communication network. It is a surface water, drinking water source and reservoir water source. A digital management platform for real-time online monitoring. It is an important technical means for environmental supervision departments to effectively monitor water environment change factors and control environmental pollution. Combined with years of experience in system integration and analytical instrument development in environmental monitoring, it focuses on system stability, reliability, accuracy, safety and operation. The economy has introduced a new generation of surface water automatic monitoring system based on micro-quantitative analysis technology. The system collects suspended solids, pH, residual chlorine, COD, ammonia nitrogen and other parameters and uploads them to the background at regular intervals, mainly including the following parts:

Platform side

- Remote Monitoring Module - Geographic Information System Module (GIS)

Remote control alarm (1) digital graphical management

- Data Management Module (2) Full Basin Monitoring Management

(1) Historical data query - drinking water source security early warning management module

(2) Analysis report production (1) Full process monitoring management

- Monitoring site management module (2) Pollution diffusion model management

(1) Instrument parameter management

(2) Basic information management

- System Security Management Module

(1) Security log management

(2) User rights management

Field end

- water collection unit

- water distribution unit

- analysis unit

-control unit

(1) System control cabinet and system control software and hardware

(2) Data acquisition, processing and storage and system control

(3) Wired communication and satellite communication equipment

—Substation station and supporting facilities

(1) Station main body

(2) Supporting facilities


- Flexible addition and subtraction of modules according to site requirements;

- Remote control can be issued to support remote upgrades.

Application scenario

- Environmental protection: online monitoring of sewage in factories, hospitals and other places.

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