Environmental protection industry

SD802 environmental grid monitoring station

SD802 environmental grid monitoring station is a micro-station that is developed by our company to measure multi-parameter air quality. It can monitor PM2.5, PM10, SO2, NO2, NO, O3, CO, H2S, NH3, HCL, VOC, noise. Such as environmental factors, it is also possible to integrate monitoring of meteorological elements such as temperature and humidity, wind direction, air pressure, rainfall, light, and ultraviolet. The system adopts modules for flexible configuration, small size and low cost, and is suitable for gridding, intensive, and refined layout requirements. understand more

Dust online monitoring system

With the continuous development of industrialization, environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious. The concentration of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) in the air is getting higher and higher, and many cities have frequent haze, which causes great trouble to the daily life of the public and causes strong concern. . At present, there are few sites in the domestic environmental monitoring center, and the distribution is scattered. The data of environmental monitoring can reflect the overall air quality of the city from a macro perspective, but it cannot reflect the air quality of local areas and specific areas from the microscopic level. More environmental monitoring sites provide more real-time environmental monitoring data. The existing dust noise system PM2.5 data on the existing market is affected by humidity, and the humidity is not accurate; once a sensor is broken, maintenance is troublesome. The products developed by our company have long service life; the online monitoring system has accurate measurement and high stability; the flexible interface supports plug-in type; the built-in cloud platform can view real-time data and historical data; alarm can be set for easy management. understand more

Flue gas emission continuous monitoring system

The CEMS-6000 continuous emission monitoring system for flue gas emissions is a high-end online flue gas analysis system specially designed for new monitoring standards for flue gas sources such as coal-fired boilers and industrial kilns. The system uses high-precision gas analyzer and other core instruments and sampling pre-processing components, combined with high-reliability sampling pretreatment technology, measuring the gaseous pollutant content by direct extraction condensation method, measuring the concentration of particulate matter by in-situ laser transmission technology, and combining the module. Intelligent, intelligent, and networked intelligent integration technology provides an optimized solution for continuous monitoring of flue gas emissions. The system has the advantages of high measurement accuracy, high reliability and small maintenance. understand more

Surface water quality online monitoring system

The surface water online monitoring system is a comprehensive online automatic monitoring system composed of modern sensors, automatic measurement, automatic control, computer and other high-tech and related special analysis software and communication network. It is a surface water, drinking water source and reservoir water source. A digital management platform for real-time online monitoring. It is an important technical means for environmental supervision departments to effectively monitor water environment change factors and control environmental pollution. Combined with years of experience in system integration and analytical instrument development in environmental monitoring, it focuses on system stability, reliability, accuracy, safety and operation. The economy has introduced a new generation of surface water automatic monitoring system based on micro-quantitative analysis technology. understand more
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