Electric power industry

Transmission line micro weather station online monitoring system

The SD101 transmission line micro-meteorological online monitoring system is mainly used for real-time monitoring of local meteorological environment of transmission lines. The system consists of a collector, six elements (hereinafter referred to as SW600), lithium iron phosphate battery and photovoltaic panels. The collector periodically collects the wind speed, wind direction, ambient temperature, atmospheric relative humidity, atmospheric pressure and rainfall at the transmission line site, and uploads it to the monitoring center wirelessly. When an abnormality occurs, the system will issue an alarm message in a variety of ways, prompting the management to pay attention to the alarm point or take necessary precautions. The monitoring center can also issue and control the terminal device. Support access to the security platform. understand more

SD300 photovoltaic power station environmental monitoring system

The SD300 series photovoltaic power station environmental monitoring system is an outdoor use and fully automatic environmental monitoring system. It can collect parameters such as ambient temperature, relative humidity of the atmosphere, temperature of photovoltaic modules, wind speed, wind direction, atmospheric pressure, rainfall, total solar radiation, solar radiation, and direct solar radiation. It can meet the monitoring needs of photovoltaic power stations for surrounding environmental data. understand more

AIPRO channel visualization hidden danger identification software system

Since the operation of the national network visualization system, 300 million pictures have been accumulated, including more than 1 million pictures with typical hidden dangers. Combining years of operational experience and actual needs on site, the hidden dangers of the channel are divided into pins, cranes, tower cranes, construction machinery, There are six categories of twenty-one small categories, such as wire foreign bodies and fireworks. understand more
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