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Suzhou Swayco Information Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and development of core sensors in the field of new energy and environmental protection, and provides solutions and technical consulting services for the use of IoT technology. The company was established in June 2013 and is headquartered in Suzhou Industrial. The park has offices in Hangzhou, Zhangjiakou and Xi'an. In 2014, the company won the title of “Leading Enterprise” in Suzhou Industrial Park. In 2015, it won the title of “Double-Chuang Enterprise” in Jiangsu Province and obtained “National High-tech Enterprise” in the same year. At present, it has 3 invention patents, 2 utility models, 1 appearance patent, 7 software copyrights and 3 software product certificates.
Swayco is committed to the path of technological innovation and independent research and development. The launch of the SWIFT ultrasonic wind sensor in the wind power industry has been recognized by mainstream OEMs and trusted by the five power generation groups. The core business includes: SWIFT ultrasonic wind sensor, SWIFT micro weather station, MOOG pitching slip ring, pollution source online monitoring system, IoT software and technical services.
The company was established in June 2013
In August 2015, it was recognized as a high-tech enterprise.
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SW600 micro weather station

The SW600 Micro Weather Station is a high-precision integrated weather sensor that simultaneously measures six weather parameters: wind speed, wind direction, ambient temperature, relative humidity of air, atmospheric pressure and rainfall. It is designed with aluminum alloy casing, which is compact and beautiful, easy to install and maintain. IP66 protection level, DC8~30V wide voltage supply, standard RS485 output mode. understand more

SD300 photovoltaic power station environmental monitoring system

The SD300 series photovoltaic power station environmental monitoring system is an outdoor use and fully automatic environmental monitoring system. It can collect parameters such as ambient temperature, relative humidity of the atmosphere, temperature of photovoltaic modules, wind speed, wind direction, atmospheric pressure, rainfall, total solar radiation, solar radiation, and direct solar radiation. It can meet the monitoring needs of photovoltaic power stations for surrounding environmental data. understand more

Surface water quality online monitoring system

The surface water online monitoring system is a comprehensive online automatic monitoring system composed of modern sensors, automatic measurement, automatic control, computer and other high-tech and related special analysis software and communication network. It is a surface water, drinking water source and reservoir water source. A digital management platform for real-time online monitoring. It is an important technical means for environmental supervision departments to effectively monitor water environment change factors and control environmental pollution. Combined with years of experience in system integration and analytical instrument development in environmental monitoring, it focuses on system stability, reliability, accuracy, safety and operation. The economy has introduced a new generation of surface water automatic monitoring system based on micro-quantitative analysis technology. understand more

SW100-T20 Solar Total Radiation Sensor

The SW100-T20 Solar Radiation Meter is a two-stage total radiation sensor that complies with ISO9060 and WMO technical standards. It is used to measure the total solar radiation with a wavelength range of 280-3000 nm received from a 2π spherical solid angle (hemispherical direction). . It is widely used in the measurement of solar radiation energy such as meteorological observation, atmospheric environment monitoring, climate observation, solar energy utilization, agriculture, and building physics research. understand more

SD500 Highway Weather Station

The SD500 Highway Weather Station consists of six elements, a visibility sensor, a road condition sensor, a collector and a lightning rod. It can simultaneously observe ambient temperature, ambient humidity, wind speed, wind direction, air pressure, rainfall, rainfall intensity, visibility, snow/water accumulation/icing thickness and wet slip coefficient. It has the characteristics of convenient installation, stable performance, high detection accuracy and no need to be on duty. understand more

MOOG slip ring

MOOG Advanced Materials is a global materials engineering company that designs and manufactures a wide range of high performance products for a wide range of industries and regions. MOOG's materials scientists and application engineers work closely with customers to create excellence and create differentiated products to meet customers' requirements for high efficiency, high reliability and longer life. MOOG Advanced Materials serves the professional markets in 50 countries, including energy, transportation, medical, electronics, security and defense, petrochemical and other industrial sectors. MOOG Advanced Materials is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is part of the engineering sector. understand more
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  • 2019 China Meteorological Modernization Construction Science and Technology Expo
    2019-04-11Suzhou Siwei Hi-Tech Information Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the "2019 China Meteorological Modernization Construction Technology Expo" sponsored by the Chinese Meteorological Society on April 10-April 20, 2019 at the Shanghai International Sourcing Exhibition Center (referred to as CMHE2019) The Expo includes “The 11th China Meteorological Science and Technology and Hydrology Technology and Equipment Exhibition” and the “13th China National Defense Technology and Products Exhibition”.
  • Suzhou Sway High-Tech Information Technology Co., Ltd. Relocation Notice
    2019-01-05 Due to the development needs of enterprises, the office of Suzhou Swayco Information Technology Co., Ltd. will be relocated to the new site from January 5, 2019: Building 31, Energy Saving Industrial Park, No. 18 Dongchang Road
  • Warmly celebrate the flowering of our invention patents
    Before 2017-11-25 , another invention patent of the company was authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office. The patent name is “A method for widening the range of ultrasonic anemometer”, and the patent number is ZL201410120473.5.
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